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Approx 2.5" tall.  Angel Aura Rose Quartz is for cleansing and repairing the aura, repelling negativity, helps to erase stress, and release pain and fear.  

See the About section for details on how Angel Aura Rose is added to rose quartz.

Chakras:  Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Angel Aura Rose Quartz Obelisk app 2.5"

SKU: 30907612
  • How it is created - an actual rose quartz is used as the foundation, and in a lab they take silver and platinum and with an alchemical process, adhere the iridescence you see on this obelisk.  These are lab altered rose quartz, that give you the benefits of silver and platinum as well.  All minerals, metals, and crystals have their own properties and when they are combined create a crystal with different benefits like this piece shown.  

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