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This smudge spray is for new beginnings, whether moving to a new home or starting a new job, or just needed a restart in your space.  These are made in house with essential oils with specific properties, water, and witch hazel and include a small lemurian quartz point to keep the spray charged.   There are no perfumes in this spray.  For instructions on how to use, go to the About section.

New Beginnings Smudge Spray 4 oz

SKU: 20842612
  • These sprays are a great alternative to those who may be allergic to smoke or cannot burn things in home or office.  They offer the same properties as their respective smudge sticks and are made with only essential oils, water, and witch hazel.  

    To use:  Shake bottle well.  Spray around the space you want to cleanse.  You can also add to floor wash or anywhere you feel you could use their benefits.

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