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This candle is locally made.  The warm musky, yet light floral blend makes this a beautiful, grounding scent.  These candles can be burned like a traditional candle or you can use it on a candle warmer plate.  You can reuse this jar when your candle is gone to store your favorite items in!  This is a 12 oz jar

Saturn Soy Candle

SKU: 74838512
  • Saturn represents our foundation, building, repairing and self rule.  The Zodiac signs it rules are:  Capricorn and Aquarius.  The day of the week associated with it is Saturday.  Colors for Saturn are:  Dark Green and Black.  Crystals that work well with Saturn energy are:  Garnet, Fluorite, Tiger Eye and Smoky Quartz.  And herbs associated with this planet are Patchouli, Cinnamon, and Chamomile. 

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