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Echinacea is associated with Abundance and Protection.  It can b used to help amplify magic, personal power, and promotes healing.

The Zodiac associated with it is Gemini.  It is an Air Element herb and is ruled by Mercury and Jupiter

This herb is not intended for internal use.


SKU: 41816412
  • The herbs we sell are traditionally used for intention setting, burning as incense, mojo bags, or for ritual purposes.  They have their own properties and can be used in combination with resins, powders, or other herbs.  They not only have some wonderful smells, but can also help add a layer of oomph to your intention setting.  These pair wonderfully with candles and crystals to add dimension and power to your work.  You can put them in a cloth bag and carry as well for additional reminders of your intentions or for their specific properties

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