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This intention kit is to celebrate Yule on December 21, 2023.  It is a celebration of the return of the sun.  As we reach the longest night of the year and begin to see more dayling, it is a timeof reflection on how to better shine your light in the coming months.  Fire, which represents the Sun, is the primary element to work with and Earth helps to bring stability.  Turing the darkeness.  It's also about clearing away what no longer serve you so that the seed you plant inthe sprin can bear fruit.  Take this time for relfection and inner work and self care.  

These kits include:  3 Candles, 3 Crystals, Bath Salts, Handmade incense blend, EO Blend, 2 charcoal discs, coarse sea salt, and a dish to burn the incense blend.  

These are made in house.  The pine cone and pine needle are from the Imperial Pine and we harvested these ourselves in the fall just for this kit.  

Yule Intention Kit Winter Solstice

SKU: 79153031
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