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How to Use Intention Kits

We sell a range of intention kits to help you with setting specific intentions.  Each kit comes with everything you see in the photos and include detailed instructions. 

Here is how you can use them.

Find a space in your home where it will be undisturbed.  Take everything out of the bag or box and lay them out.  You can add what you feel to the space, like flowers, or additional candles, or special items to you.  It’s a space for you to make what you want to help your intentions and there are no wrong things to add.

You will want a heat safe dish like a small bowl or deep sided dish to place the coarse sea salt in for burning your herbs.  Shake your bag of herbs well to mix up the blend.  Have your candle holders placed, one on each side of the dish you will burn the incense blend in.  Take the crystal(s) and lay them in front of the dish.

Intention kit set up
This is the beginning layout for your set up

Charcoal tablet for resin and loose herb incense
How to hold the charcoal

Add your coarse sea salt and using tongs, take your charcoal and hold it with the curved part facing on the bottom.  Using a BBQ lighter, hold the flame to the charcoal long enough to allow it to start sparkling orange.  The sparkling should move across the charcoal.  Once you see white ash starting to form on the top, nestle it in the coarse sea salt. 

Charcoal tablet for resin and loose herb incense
How to light the charcoal

Charcoal tablet for resin and loose herb incense
Hold flame on the bottom of disc for about 30 seconds or so

Charcoal tablet for resin and loose herb incense
This is the orange sparkling that occurs when lit properly

Charcoal tablet for resin and loose herb incense
Here is the charcoal with the white ash forming

 Taking your herbs, take a pinch or two and sprinkle on the charcoal.  Try not to put too much because it can put out the charcoal.  Allow the smoke to drift up.

Intention kit loose herb incense blend
This is the loose herb incense blend

Intention kit loose herb incense blend
Use about this amount so the charcoal can burn

 Hold your candle(s) over the smoke focusing on your intentions.  You can do the same with the crystal(s) or any other object you wish, always focusing on your intentions.  Place your candles and light them.  You can also anoint your candles with special oils before you light them as well. 

Once the candles are lit, add more of the incense blend as needed as the candles burn.  Chime candles can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours or so to burn all the way down.  Pay attention to the flame too as it will tell you if your intentions are strong enough.  If you notice a lot of popping and crackling with a smallish flame.  Snuff it out and hold the candles refocusing on your intentions and then relight them.  You always want a nice steady high flame to know your focus was solid enough.  Never blow out your candles for any reason.  If you have to leave for some reason, snuff them out.  You can resume it at another time.  Allow them to burn all the way out.  These candles are intended to burn until almost completely gone outside of a small little circle of residue.  If you have a lot of air flow in your space, you may have some wax pool up at the bottom.  Look at wax reading much like cloud gazing.  The shapes can give you answers. 

Intention kit set up
Hold your candle over the blend to anoint before lighting

Intention kit set up
Anoint your crystals in the smoke as well

Once that is done, allow the dish with the charcoal to completely cool before disposing of it.   Usually, the next day is the safest bet.  Take your remnants and ashes and either dispose of in the east direction of your yard for most standard kits.  If you are doing a banishing or removing of negativity, take the ashes and dispose at a crossroads, either in the woods or when you are driving. 

Carry the crystal(s) with you after to remind you of your intentions and keep some of the herb blend to use another time to reaffirm them. 

Add what you would like to these kits, as it is about your personal touch and connection to the work that will make it more potent and likely to manifest. 


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