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These charcoal tablets are perfect to use for burning herbs, resins, and powders.  There are 10 in a roll.  See the Additional Info section on how to light and use these. 

Charcoal Tablets

SKU: 5926333124961
  • It's best if you have a pair of tongs to hold the tablet.  Have the curved side down.  With a lighter or butane lighter, hold the flame on the bottom until orange sparks start up and crackling occurs and can stop holding the lighter to it.  Allow it to burn for a little bit until you start seeing white ash form.   Place it on a bed of coarse sea salt in a heat safe dish with the curved side down.  Sprinkle a little bit of herbs, resins or powders on top and they will start to smoke.  Don't sprinkle too much as you can choke out the charcoal.   The tablets can burn anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour.  Allow the dish and all contents to completely cool before disposing of the ash.  You cannot reuse these tablets, but can break them in half to use a little at a time.  

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