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This is an old authentic Root recipe intended to help you with divination work.  These are herbs, resins and powders that are ground up to make an incense powder.  You would burn this on a charcoal disc, in a heat safe dish when you are working with Tarot or Oracle cards, Pendulum work or wanting to connect to ancestors or guids.  See Additional Info section on how to use charcoal tablets.  This is a 2 ounce jar and should last you a long time. 

Divination Incense Powder

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  • Using tongs, hold the charcoal and light it from the curved bottom.  Once it starts to emit orange sparkles (sort of like fireworks), you can then place it on a bed of coarse sea salt in a heat safe dish.  Allow the sparkling to stop and when white ash starts to form, you can then sprinkle a little of your powder incense on it and focus on your intentions. 

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