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This spray is a traditional blend for cleansing, clearing negativity, protection, bringing good fortune and lifting up energy in your home, work or sacred space.  This water is not from Florida - see the section About Florida Water for the origins.  This water is made with essential oils with specific properties, water, and alcohol and include a lemurian quartz point to keep it charged.   There are no perfumes in this spray. 

Florida Water Spray 4 oz

SKU: 93832612
  • The origins of Florida Water began as a cologne in the early 1800s and has since transitioned to uses for protection, good luck, cleansing, sacred ritual and work and to lift energy in your space.  The recipe I have comes from 2, 100 year old recipes using the traditional herbs, flowers, and spices to create this custom blend for you.

    To use - shake bottle well, and spray around your home or space.  You can add it to your floor wash, or in your vehicle or work space (where allowed).  

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