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Myrrh resin comes from Africa from the Commiphora Myrrha tree.  Which is a desert tree native to Ethiopia and Somalia.  A common resin used by the ancient Egyptians.    It has been used for over 3000 years and is good for protection, banishing, and health.  It has a deep rich earthy scent.   See About Section on how to use this resin.

Myrrh Resin 1 oz

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  • Resin incense is one of the oldest ways of burning incense.  Coming from the saps of trees and dried, they slowly melt on a piece of charcoal.  Use small amounts at a time because resin can become quite smoky.

    To use:  Get a heat safe dish and fill with coars sea salt.  Take a charcoal disc and hold with tongs and light from the curved bottom.  When it stops sparkling orange and white ash starts to form, place it on the sea salt.  Place a few small pieces of resin and let the smoke drift into the air.  Resins can be combined with herbs and powders to make a unique blend as well. 

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