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Dhoop cones are cones of incense and smell similar to the stick incense without the bamboo undertone when it's lit.  This is a tradional smelling patchouli and can be lit on burners for cone incense, ceramic dish, metal, resin, or stone.  These burn all the way and will leave ash when it's done. 

Patchouli Dhoop Cones

SKU: 8906051431645
  • These are traditional cone incense (not to be confused with back flow burner cones which are made differently).  They are the same as their stick incense counter part but without the bamboo stick.  

    To light these: Place it in your heat safe dish in front of you.  Light the tip of the cone and let burn until you see the red ember on top.  Blow out the flame and the smoke will waft up.  Make sure your dish and ash are completely cool before disposing. 

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