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This is a candle to help with wealth and drawing abundance to you.   Perfect addition for a ritual or intention around building or developing this.  

It measures 4" tall by 1" in diameter and is unscented.

See the About section for how to use this candle.

Wealth Beeswax Candle

SKU: 155500013552
  • Each candle color represents different properties. They can be used to set intentions, do magical workings, or to promote specific energies. You would hold the candle and think of what you are wanting to achieve with it. Place the candle in a holder of your choice and light it. Let it burn all the way down. If you must leave for some reason, snuff or pinch out the flame. Never blow these out as you will blow out what work you were doing and will need to start all over. candle color represents different properties. 

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